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Introducing Page-Level Targeting

PageScience has cracked the code on Page Level ad targeting and optimization, without cookies. In the past, the focus was on site performance and site optimization. With our sophisticated programmatic technology, PageScience scores and targets just the high performing, most relevant pages with the highest visibility for your ad campaigns.

Rather than intrude on a consumer's browsing history or personal life, our technology targets ads at the page level based on performance, without cookies.


PageScience goes way beyond traditional contextual advertising. Our technology, PageMatch™, takes a granular look at page content, and places ads only when there is an exact match. We focus on ad categories like Health, Finance, Consumer Electronics and Auto when users are in research mode and the context of the page matters. In fact, we've provided advanced targeting, without cookies in the Health category for 5 years!

Cookieless Targeting Is Here
(And Delivers Better Results)

Has the age of cookie-based targeting passed?

With shrinking cookie pools and tightening restrictions around third-party cookies, it's time to move on to cookieless digital advertising.

Better Than Behavioral, Demographic and Psychodemographic Targeting

Cookie-based targeting assumes that if you're a mom, you're always interested in motherhood ads. We all know that's not the case. Sometimes moms are focused on work, finances, home improvement, and so on.

Page-level targeting presents your ads at the precise moment prospects are seeking information, which is why it delivers much better results.

How it Works

Our experts discuss your exact targeting goals to determine a set of key words and phrases.
Targeting criteria is entered into the PageScience engine
Our PageScience algorithms match your targeting criteria with millions of pages that are scored in the PageScience data Warehouse.

Scoring is derived from numerous attributes, including the historical performance of the page, the exact page content, and viewability of ad units.
PageScience technology shows the best performing pages available. Account mangers then shift the campaign to those pages with the best performance, yielding optimal ROI
All performance tracked in the PageScience dashboard. All sites used are 100% transparent to the agency and client.

Thanks to our integration with AppNexus, PageScience has access to massive RTB inventory, (in fact 15 billion impressions a day!) which means that even though we're looking for very precise content, scale is never an issue.

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Sample Targeting Categories


  • Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)
  • RA
  • COPD
  • MS
  • Cancer


  • Retirement savings
  • College savings
  • RTF's
  • Real estate funds
  • Gold and other funds


  • Truck buyers
  • Mini-van buyers
  • Convertibles
  • SUV buyers
  • Luxury auto seekers
  • Performance Sports cars seekers


  • International travel destinations (Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Carribean, specific countries)
  • Hotels
  • Auto Rental
  • Airlines
  • Travel Packages


  • Home
  • Auto
  • Marriage/Wedding Lifestage
  • Childbirth/Pregnancy Lifestage
  • Movers


  • Kitchen, Bath, remodeling
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Marriage/Wedding Lifestage
  • Childbirth/Pregnancy Lifestage
  • Movers