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PageMatch Technology

We've cracked the code on page-level, cookieless targeting. At PageScience we feel context matters and our technology (PageMatch™) identifies the best content for your messages at the page level. PageMatch presents your message to your best prospects by targeting them when they're fully engaged with relevant content— always in context.

How it Works


PageMatch scores millions of pages based on numerous attributes, including historical performance, and stores them in our data warehouse.


We enter your targeting criteria into an Indexing platform. PageMatch identifies the best pages in a given category that match your goals. (e.g. type 1 diabetes, COPD, financial content on ETFs, Retirement planning etc.)

The platform prioritizes thousands of pages in a given ad category based on past performance of the pages.


PageMatch reviews millions of available impressions a day, but only bids on the pages it identifies as ideal for your campaign. Within milliseconds of an ideal page appearing in the RTB market, the PageMatch platform places a bid for it based on your specific pricing, geography or other criteria.

PageMatch has access to 15 billion impressions a day. Thanks to our direct integration with AppNexus, we have access to all available real-time ads (AOL, MSN, Huffington Post, Yahoo Health and hundreds more) so scale is never an issue.

Additionally, we have direct relationships with 250 publishers, giving us access to their pages. From major portals and news sites to hundreds of niche sites. PageScience scans the ecosystem of available inventory in real time to ensure you receive the best context for your ads.


We capture results in real time. If a page fails to deliver desired results, we drop it from the targeting list. Optimization happens continuously – and page scores are updated simultaneously.


PageScience collects and presents results in a real-time dashboard. See the sites and pages where your ads appeared, as well as results.

Give us a call today to discuss your goals and we'll describe how PageScience drives unparalleled performance (Without Cookies)